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For everything related to middle, high school and college admissions, FLEX is here to help.

FLEX Admissions Consulting is a collaborative effort between admissions experts, essay specialists and former admissions officers.

The right college can set your student up for a successful career. The wrong one can affect the rest of their lives.

We help you get your student into their dream school.

Do you have students in middle and high school who need assistance with the college admissions process?

Every top college is receiving a record number of applications. But they cannot accept more students. So the college admissions process becomes increasingly competitive every year.

There are dozens of important aspects to any college application, and every college values each aspect differently.

Additionally, the marketplace is full of conflicting information, which can be confusing and detrimental to parents and students without training or experience in the admissions process.


In 2017, the average acceptance rate for Top 25 colleges and universities was the lowest in history: 14.2%


In the same year, FLEX students had an average acceptance rate to Top 25 colleges and universities of over 66%

FLEX admissions consultants act as coaches, mentors and strategists for students.

We help students achieve admissions success, provide accurate, well-researched advice, create strategic plans to organize priorities and deadlines, and engage regularly with students and parents to ensure every student is on track.

We provide personal development for students:

  • Build leadership skills
  • Cultivate self-awareness and help define students’ values and motivations
  • Teach time-management and prioritization

Last, but certainly not least, we defuse tension in parent-student relationships. By providing structure and discipline in the process, parents and students never feel like they have to pressure each other.

No matter where your child is in the admissions process, FLEX has a service for you.

Select a service:

Application & College
Essay (ACE)
College Admissions
Private, Middle, &
High School Consulting

Package Details

  • Personalize college list (only applies to 5 or 10 college package)
  • Brainstorm essay topics with a FLEX Certified College Counselor
  • Supervision on all essay writing (based on program option) by a FLEX Certified College Essay Specialist
  • Application & Essay review (based on program option)
  • Interview Preparation Workshop
  • Deferral / Wait-list Strategy
  • College Decision-Making Support

Application and College Essay (ACE)

Designed for rising 12th graders, FLEX’s ACE program will support your child through every part of their college application and essay-writing process.

Beginning the summer before their senior year, a dedicated Admissions Consultant will assist your child in strategically building their college application profile, selecting the right major(s), and cultivating a list of target colleges.

Over the course of six months, an experienced Essay Specialist will work alongside your child and their consultant to guide the essay-writing process, set a completion schedule and ensure the final product is as competitive as possible.

The ACE program culminates in a full application review by a panel of admissions experts before your child officially submits their applications.

College Admissions Consulting

Designed for 7th-11th graders, FLEX’s College Admissions Consulting services provide strategic counsel for your child to maximize their chance of admission to their target schools.

Even if you don’t yet know what your target schools are, this is the service for you! FLEX College Admissions Consulting includes research-based major and career assessments, academic strength and weakness evaluations, assistance with high school course selection, extracurricular activity research and planning, standardized test evaluation and scheduling, and much more.

Most importantly, all services are provided by trained admissions experts and former admissions officers, so you can be confident that the information is accurate and highly valuable.

Package Details

1-on-1 Counseling options are for students who need specific support and guidance on what to accomplish and plan at various points of the college prep process. Our various 1-on-1 packages provide holistic support, including:

  • Profile Positioning Strategy
  • Personality and Aptitude Tests
  • Activity recommendations, including summer programs and extracurricular & leadership activities
  • College List Research
  • Resume Writing
  • Test Scheduling and Planning

Private Middle and High School Admissions Consulting

Designed for 6th-8th graders, FLEX’s Private Middle and High Schools Admissions Consulting services provide strategic counsel for your child to maximize his or her chance of admission to target schools.

Experts with extensive experience in private middle and high school admissions will assist you and your child in creating the most competitive applications, meeting the various deadlines required throughout the process, evaluating standardized test prep and tutoring needs, and making decisions after acceptance.

Kevin S.
Admitted to Stanford University

I just heard back from Stanford and I got in! My family and I want to thank you for all of your support and guidance through the college admissions process.

From profile positioning strategy to essay recommendations to reviewing my applications to the interview preparation, you and the FLEX team are truly experts in all steps of this process, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Thank you again and let’s definitely keep in touch.

Ready to feel calm and confident about your choices for your child?

Involving FLEX brings you more time and energy to devote to your priorities. Your student will stop struggling and start enjoying their studies. With FLEX admissions consulting, your student will enjoy the best possible chance at their dream school.

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