Tutoring & Test Prep

FLEX’s highly experienced instructors teach key academic concepts, impart test-taking strategies, and provide personalized assistance to improve grades and build fundamental skills.

Test Prep and Tutoring Mobile


FLEX’s tutoring team collectively brings hundreds of years of teaching experience. With a proven track record of success, our instructors help students achieve their academic goals in the most effective and efficient ways possible. We offer courses in 1-on-1, small group, and class settings that span anywhere from one week to one year.


FLEX Tutoring begins with an assessment of students’ strengths and weaknesses through our proprietary High School Readiness Assessment. We then work with students to develop a learning plan that is tailored to their goals.

FLEX provides

FLEX provides a personalized tutoring experience for every need.

  • Middle and High School
  • Enrichment Studies
  • Bulk Tutoring Hours
  • Study & Organizational Skills


  • All FLEX instructors are graduates of top 50 colleges or universities.
  • They are the top 1% scorers in their respective subjects.
  • They regularly take the real SAT and ACT.
  • They are trained in FLEX test prep curriculum and classroom management methodologies.
  • They are background checked and abide by our comprehensive student safety policy.

Standardized Test Prep


Many top colleges require or strongly recommend taking Advanced Placement (AP®) courses and exams, which contribute to the rigor of students’ academic profiles. FLEX offers instruction for all 38 available AP subjects.


While some colleges are going “test optional,” the higher a student scores on the SAT and/or American College Test (ACT), the more options for attending and paying for college are generally available. Students in FLEX’s courses see average score increases of 200–250 points on the SAT and 3–4 points on the ACT.


Increasingly, competitive middle and high schools are requiring prospective students to earn top scores on various exams. FLEX provides resources and instruction for the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) and Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), which test vocabulary, math skills, and reading comprehension.