With FLEX’s help, students equip themselves with the test prep skills necessary for success.


Even if test scores are optional, the SAT and/or ACT is still recommended for competitive college admissions. FLEX Test Prep courses for the SAT and ACT are designed to maximize students’ scores in the most efficient way possible.

Students at FLEX are coached by expert instructors, all of whom are top scorers in the subject areas that they teach. In addition, FLEX instructors and curriculum writers routinely sit in for standardized exams, continually updating and refining strategies based on real-time information from the test-makers.

The result? After taking FLEX courses, our students see an average score increase of 200–250 points on the SAT and 3–4 points on the ACT.



FLEX instructors introduce concepts and strategies.



Students immediately reinforce their learning with in-session problems.



FLEX instructors give in-session assessments and homework assignments.



Students regularly take full-length diagnostic tests to evaluate progress and assess readiness.

Types of Instruction

small group

Small Group or 1:1 Instruction

FLEX offers both small-group and private tutoring for test prep. These options are ideal for students who desire more personalized instruction and opportunities to ask questions in a setting that is highly customized to their needs.

Test Prep Classes

Each of FLEX’s SAT & ACT Prep classes is devoted to a particular section of the test, ensuring that students learn from bonafide experts in the subject at hand. Leveraging their deep understanding of the tests, FLEX instructors review the most frequently missed questions from assigned exams while reinforcing concepts and test-taking strategies.

We offer a variety of courses throughout the year targeted at specific exam dates.

test prep
SAT video

SAT Video Program

FLEX Video SAT Prep is an asynchronous program developed by FLEX’s top teachers. It offers students a customizable SAT program that enables students to enroll in the full program or pick-and-choose from features that include:
– Lectures on key concepts, proven test-taking strategies, and in-class assignments
– Targeted practice problems with solutions
– Full-length SAT practice exams
– Custom FLEX score reports to analyze progress