Events & Webinars

Counseling: The Changing Landscape of Test Prep And Its Impact - SAT and APs

  • Virtual Webinar: SAT 9/18 @10AM PDT
  • FLEX Irvine: SAT 9/25 @12PM PDT
  • FLEX Cupertino: THU 9/30 @6:30PM PDT

The role of standardized testing has shifted greatly over the last few years and students need to adjust accordingly. With the advent of test-optional policies in response to decreased testing availability during COVID-19, along with the elimination of the SAT Subject Tests, how should students think about the SAT and AP exams? Come hear from the experts about how to maximize your standardized testing strategy in college admissions.


Counseling: SAT and AP Preparation for College Admissions

  • Virtual Webinar: WED 9/8 @6PM PDT

While the role of standardized tests in the college admissions process continues to evolve, they’re still an important part of the student’s academic profile. Join the FLEX Academics team, and hear recommendations directly from the experts who have taught test prep for decades. We’ll provide guidance on when and how to prepare for these critical assessments.


Academic: Get Ready for Summer Research Internships & Olympiads

  • FLEX Cupertino (In-Person): TUE 10/5 @6:30PM PDT
  • FLEX Irvine (In-Person): SAT 10/9 @10AM PDT

Summer research internships and achievement in the Olympiads are an important part of the college admission process. Expertise in these programs requires advance preparation and guidance. Attend this seminar to learn how to develop valuable research skills and prepare for the Olympiads ensuring success in high school and a competitive advantage in college admissions.


Academic: Develop Writing Skills for Life

  • FLEX Irvine (In-Person): SAT 10/30 @10AM PDT
  • FLEX Cupertino (In-Person): TUE 11/2 @6:30PM PDT

In today's world, writing skills are becoming more and more important. Even for science majors, the new structure of AP and other exams requires students to communicate their thoughts effectively through writing. Attend this seminar to learn how students can improve their writing skills and utilize them for success beyond the classroom.