Meet the Team

The FLEX team is the best in the business.

Admission Consultants

Corbin Chu

Master Consultant and College Essay Instructor

Alexander Chang

Senior Associate Consultant

Jaimie Joo

Associate Consultant

Yvonne Kwan

Director of College Essay and Master Consultant

Dan Kwon

Senior VP of Admissions Consulting & Principal Consultant

Judy Liang

Principal Consultant

Paul Lin

Admissions Consultant Director and Principal Consultant

Tiffany Lu

Chief Director of ACE and Principal Consultant

Justin Obcena

Senior Master Consultant

Ben Robbins

Director of Admission Consulting

Bernadette Saldana

Associate Consultant

Sunny Song

Senior Master Consultant

Ryan Vatan

Master Consultant

Jay Zhang

Associate Director of InfoBank and Principal Consultant

Academic Instructors

Klaus Aichelen

Principal Instructor

Jim Johnson

Master Tutor

Matt Lazar

Principal Tutor

Maikel Masoud

Associate Instructor

Steven Peterson

Associate Instructor

Ashley Rodriguez

Associate Instructor

Henry Rownd

Principal Instructor

Dickson Tsai

Master Instructor