About FLEX

Over two decades of history, we have helped thousands of families and students realize their academic ambitions.

Our Vision:

From learners to impacters

Our Mission:

To engage with students as they pursue a life pathway by building academic foundations, creating meaningful opportunities, offering expert guidance, and expanding worldview.

Our Values:

Personal Investment, Collaboration, Adaptability, Excellence

Message from FLEX’s CEO, Daniel Byun

FLEX was started in 2001 largely in response to the tragedy of September 11th. The events of that day caused me to reevaluate the work I was doing in the corporate world and look for a way to invest meaningfully in my community and its most valuable members: its youth.

In 2021, as FLEX celebrated its 20th anniversary, we were again faced with unimaginable devastation of global proportions. No group or individual has been left untouched by the impact of the pandemic; however, it is our young people–our students–who are left most vulnerable to the combination of social, emotional, and academic losses they have suffered at this critical juncture of their pre-college careers. This, at a time when the American education system, as well as the college admissions process, had already been experiencing tumultuous change in response to admissions scandals and social pressures.

However, those of us who are invested in our students’ education should not simply respond to the pandemic with an attitude of crisis management or increasing discouragement. As I see it, the problems brought to light by this crisis have also given us a meaningful opportunity to reflect, learn, pivot, and plan for the future.

Previously, our mission at FLEX had been to help students achieve their college dreams by providing the highest quality college prep services possible. Over our two decades of history, FLEX has helped thousands of families and students realize their college ambitions through our admissions consulting, test prep, and tutoring services. We have been recognized as an industry leader and valued partner by prestigious institutions including Fortune 100 corporations and community organizations such as Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF), South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF), 

Dedicated to Learning, Santa Clara Library District, World Journal, India West, Korea Daily, to name a few.

While FLEX will always continue to excel in these core services, we have also used the lessons of the pandemic to broaden and deepen our identity as an education service provider. We have restated our corporate vision, mission, and values. In particular, we have identified the vital need to take our students from learners to impacters, having learned firsthand that students do not just need short-term solutions for short-term goals but urgently crave direction, inspiration, and a path forward.

Additionally, FLEX has recommitted to the community-minded perspective that had been the source of my original vision for the company. Success in this next chapter of growth for FLEX will be defined by our ability to impact the communities we serve, starting with a volunteer-time-off (VTO) program for our employees. We have formed strategic partnerships with districts and educational foundations to make FLEX services available to a broader range of students, including those in underserved communities. Perhaps most importantly, we seek to enable our students to be impacters in their communities as well.

As a father of four children, I have deeply experienced the many challenges of this pandemic alongside our FLEX families. In spite of the dark days and anxious moments, I remain tremendously hopeful. I believe that we will witness the growth of a generation of students who have not been defeated by a pandemic of epic proportions, but have become stronger for it.

We at FLEX look forward to helping our students make such big dreams come true.

Impact in Action

FLEX employees use the VTO (volunteer-time-off) program for community outreach to help bring consistent, nutritious food to college students experiencing food insecurity in our area. We appreciate this opportunity to give back to our communities and live out our vision, mission, and values together as a team.

FLEX’s community volunteering event with Martha’s Kitchen in San Jose

impact in action 2

FLEX’s community volunteering event with Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine