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We build a profile for your student that gives them the edge they need to compete and get into their dream school.

We understand that each student has a unique background and a unique set of challenges and goals; we work closely with families to help every student overcome those challenges and achieve those goals. Our team sees teaching and consulting as opportunities to build relationships. In an increasingly crowded industry, FLEX leads through integrity.

What’s your college dream?
FLEX will help you succeed.

Message from the CEO

All students have a college dream — whether they dream of big schools or small schools, public or private, colleges or universities.

The FLEX Difference

The right college can set your student up for a successful career; the wrong one can affect the rest of their lives.

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Flex College Prep

Build a profile that stands out.

Since 2001, FLEX has helped tens-of-thousands of students worldwide realize their college dreams.


FLEX has been helping students achieve their dreams since 2001.


In 2018, FLEX students were admitted to every Ivy League university.

FLEX’s Admissions Consulting Team brings over 100 years of combined experience in college admissions.


98% of FLEX students have been admitted to one or more of their target schools.


In 2017, the acceptance rate for FLEX students to Top 25 colleges and universities was over 66%.


The national average acceptance rate to Top 25 schools was 14%; FLEX students outperformed the rest by almost 52%.

FLEX has been chosen by prestigious institutions all around the world for their college prep needs.

Past and present partners include:

And here’s what our families have to say:

Christine F.
Admitted to Princeton

Princeton is a go! There are no words to describe the gratitude my parents and I have for FLEX. The college application process can seem like a daunting obstacle at times, and you guided me through impeccably. Again, thank you so much, and I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m doing in the future!

Michael S.
Admitted to John Hopkins University

I have great news: I got in early at Johns Hopkins! I’m so glad and relieved since JHU has been my first choice school all along. Thanks for all the help you and the FLEX team gave me, especially with your valuable counseling and encouragement. I also want to thank Charles for his enormous help with the essays.

The right college can set your student up for a successful career; the wrong one can affect the rest of their lives.

Families know that getting into the right school will affect the rest of their student’s life; what they don’t know is how to get into that school.

Even students who are accomplished and ambitious need an extra edge to compete in today’s hyper-competitive admissions landscape.

It’s getting harder and harder to get in.

  • Conflicting information abounds. Between discussions with family and friends, and parents’ and students’ personal research, families encounter libraries of conflicting information.
  • The stress starts building. Many families just don’t have the time to research and plan in advance. Pressure on parents and students creates months and even years of anxiety, arguments and infighting.
  • High school counselors are overloaded. High school counselors have such a high caseload of students that they can’t provide the proactive advice students need. Even private education doesn’t guarantee an edge in the admissions arena.

Ultimately, no one is driving the process, and students are not getting the support and guidance they need.

Without a clear plan of action, your student could make poor decisions with long-term consequences.

They face a future full of transferring colleges, changing majors and missing opportunities.

Find out how we can help.

FLEX College Prep tackles this massive issue head on, to dissolve the tension, and bring clarity and strategy.

We build a profile for your student that gives them the edge they need to compete and get into their dream school.

Danny, FLEX’s founder, started out as an older brother helping friends and family succeed in their education.

The FLEX team is an extension of his passion for helping other people.

  • It’s your children: We understand that we’re coaching your children. We ourselves need to be positive influences to inspire their personal development. Our attention to care and communication is what drives our quality.
  • You need reliable information: We pool the unique expertise of the best strategists in the industry – former college admissions officers. Our team knows exactly what colleges are looking for, because they helped build and create that process over 20 years. Validate your efforts and research with the highest quality counseling advice.
  • Your student comes first. When everyone is getting high scores, FLEX’s experts understand how to stand out. We put the care and future of your student first. We provide you with direction so that everything has a point – no random extra-curriculars.

Come in and meet with an enrollment manager.

They can demystify the complex process for you. Based on your child’s unique background and academic goals, we will work with you to craft a strategy to help them stand out.

  • Are you ready to prioritize your child’s academic goals?
  • Ready to get everyone in your family on the same page?
  • Ready to get clarity for your child’s future?

So are we.

Ready to have more time and energy to devote to other priorities?

You can enjoy greater confidence in the choices you’re making for your children’s future. And your students will stop struggling, and start enjoying their studies. With FLEX helping, you’ll get the best possible chance at your dream school.

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