FLEX Academic Programs Education Expo 2019

FLEX College Prep Proudly Presents

Academics in College Admission: FLEX Edu Expo 2019


Agenda topics

  • The Role of Academics in College Admission (Danny Byun, FLEX CEO)
  • Math: The Foundation For All STEM (Philip Vuong, FLEX Principal Tutor)
  • Science Is Exploration (Klaus Aichelen, FLEX Director of Academics & Principal Tutor)
  • Building Reading & Writing Skills (Yoon Choi, Principal Tutor)
  • How Should Your Child Prepare Now? (Danny Byun, FLEX CEO)
  • Q&A

Find out what 5-9th grade families MUST KNOW about their academic preparation for success in high school, college and beyond.

Meet FLEX’s Distinguished Panel of Speakers:

  • Danny Byun: FLEX: CEO & Founder
  • Tiffany Lu: FLEX: Sr. Director of Curriculum Dev & Tutor Mgmt (2007), Stanford: BS Biology,
  • Klaus Aichelen: FLEX: Director of Academics & Principal Tutor (2006), USA Biology Olympiad Instructor & Specialist, UC Berkeley: BS Biology
  • Philip Vuong: FLEX: Principal Tutor (2011), Stanford: SUMaC Curriculum, Admission & Teacher, Stanford: BS Math & Electrical Engineering
  • Yoon Choi: FLEX: Principal Tutor (2002), Stanford: Stegner Writing Fellow, Johns Hopkins CTY: Curriculum & Teacher
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