FLEX College Prep Presents a Free Seminar:

Athletics in College Admission

FLEX Los Altos

Wed, July 10th @ 11AM

FLEX Irvine

Thur, July 18th @ 11AM

About these Events

Find out how the recent college admissions scandals have shed new light on various aspects of the college admissions process, particularly in the issue of college athletics.

Even as the interest in Operation Varsity Blues begins to die down, schools are continuing to make policy decisions based on the fallout of that scandal. In this ever-changing admissions landscape, parents are often hard pressed to find trustworthy information on the admissions process.

Whether for the student athlete or a student with other extracurricular interests, the FLEX team is able to provide families with expert, ethical guidance on how to maximize a student’s potential for college admissions.

Admission free! Space is limited!

Meet the FLEX Staff:

  • : FLEX Admission Consultant, Former Johns Hopkins Admission Officer & NCAA Athletics working group member (NCAA Division 1 and 3 programs)
  • Dr. Anthony Espitia: FLEX Regional Director of Enrollment, Former Collegiate Baseball Coach, EDD (ABD) in Transformational Leadership
  • Dan Kwon: FLEX Sr VP Admissions Consulting, Former UC Berkeley Volleyball Team Member, JD Santa Clara University Law School
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