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Advice for Seniors

Senior year affords students some new opportunities. Cream-of-the-crop leadership positions are usually reserved for seniors. Plus, students who turn eighteen become eligible for a whole new range of volunteer positions and jobs. Stick with the activities you’ve been...

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Advice for Juniors

Here’s the bad news for current juniors: it is not the best time to start thinking about extracurricular activities. One of the main things that colleges look for in a student is consistency and commitment.A sudden passion developed late junior year, say, for the...

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Writing the “Why X College” Essay

One of the most straightforward but still difficult questions students see on a college application is the ‘Why us?’ question. Why Stanford? Why Princeton University’s College of Engineering? This question is obviously harder to answer for students who haven’t had the...

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7 College Interview Tips You Need to Know

I’ll start with a cautionary story. Years ago, Nina, one of my counselees, was scheduled for an interview with her first-choice college, the University of Southern California (USC). At our next meeting, I asked Nina how the interview went. “Oh,” she replied breezily,...

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How To Get A Great Letter of Recommendation for College

Recommendations are the only personal yet third-party perspectives colleges get on a candidate. They function as an independent validation of what the student has said about himself or herself; they can also help shed light on the student’s circumstances, both...

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Writing the College Essay: Dos and Don’ts

(Do) Students should be themselves To get started, I want to emphasize that students should look upon the college essay as a unique opportunity. It’s a chance for the writer to reveal something about themselves that cannot be found anywhere else in the application....

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Is the College Essay (Really That) Important?

Every year, as summer vacations wind down, rising seniors hit that rite of passage: college essay season. All across the country, sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds struggle to find the 650 words that capture their unique identity and personality and help them stand out...

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