What To Expect From AP® Exams In 2022

What To Expect From AP Exams In 2022

Standardized testing has faced many changes in recent years, and as students gear up for Spring AP® exams, they may be wondering what to expect from AP exams in 2022. Due to the global pandemic, recent years have offered AP exams at home and in digital formats. 

In 2022, the College Board® is returning to their standard test formats in person. If you took AP exams in the last two years, this year’s exams may feel a little different. Here are some basics to know before testing begins in May of 2022. 

Making A Study Plan For Advanced Placement Exams 

It is crucial that you take advantage of time spent in the classroom and with your AP teacher to properly prepare for AP exams. Still, the spring semester will require a study schedule and study plan to fully strategize and review the material you will be tested on in May. If you are taking multiple AP exams, then your study plan will require more planning and time. To be sure that you are fully prepared for each AP exam, check out the testing schedule below. 

Note: you may find that all of your exams fall on one day. If your testing schedule requires long hours of testing or multiple exams in a row, then your preparation for AP exams may include extended amounts of time with practice exams to ensure you have the test-taking endurance to perform well on back-to-back exams. 

If your exams are spread out throughout the week, you may need to strategize your study schedule to spread out across the week. What days do you have off? What days will you be testing? Schedule out your time and be sure to give yourself breaks throughout the week to avoid burnout. Do not wait until the day before an exam to start cramming. Make a schedule that allows ample time to prepare for each exam! 

AP Exam Schedule 

2022 AP exams begin on Monday, May 2, and end on Friday, May 13. Note that if you are unable to attend your test date, late testing will occur from May 17 through May 20.

The schedule is as follows: 

Week 1Week 2
May 2 8 a.m. Japanese Language and Culture; United States Government and Politics. 12 p.m. Chemistry; Spanish Literature and Culture

May 3 8 a.m. Environmental Science12 p.m. Psychology

May 4 8 a.m. English Literature and Composition. 12 p.m. Comparative Government and Politics; Computer Science A

May 5 8 a.m. Human Geography; Macroeconomics. 12 p.m. Seminar; Statistics

May 6 8 a.m. European History; United States History. 12 p.m. Art History; Microeconomics
May 9 8 a.m. Calculus AB; Calculus BC. 12 p.m. Computer Science Principles; Italian Language and Culture

May 10 8 a.m. English Language and Composition. 12 p.m. Physics C: Mechanics. 2 p.m. Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

May 11 8 a.m. Chinese Language and Culture; Spanish Language and Culture. 12 p.m. Biology

May 12 8 a.m. French Language and Culture; World History: Modern. 12 p.m. Physics 1: Algebra-Based

May 13 8 a.m. German Language and Culture; Music Theory. 12 p.m. Latin; Physics 2: Algebra Based

Changes for AP Exams In 2022: Digital AP Exam 2022

While previous years have offered at-home and digital testing, the majority of exams in 2022 will return to a paper and pencil format. Students should expect to take their AP exams in person at their local high school. 

Digital exams are rare, and only a select number of schools have been granted permission to offer online testing. Still, there is a chance that if you are registered to take AP English Literature and Composition or AP World History: Modern, you may be offered the option to take the exams on a computer. 

In 2021, students were able to take digital exams at home. In 2022, this protocol has changed, and digital exams are to be administered in classrooms at your school. If your school does offer digital AP exams, you will take the test at school. 

Digital exam dates, times, and scoring procedures will remain the same as paper and pencil exams. Students who take digital exams will answer the same type and the same number of questions as students taking the test by hand. 

The testing application used in 2021’s digital exams has been replaced for updated digital testing in 2022. Students will be able to access the testing application in April of 2022. This application includes sample questions that students can preview prior to the official test day. Use the testing application before the official test day to gain an idea of exactly what to expect from the tools, features, and formats you will find throughout the digital AP exams. 

AP Exams For Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled students do have access to take AP exams. You do not need to be enrolled in an official AP course to take AP exams, and if you are looking for ways to make your college applications stand out, then registering for AP tests is a great way to do so. AP exams are accessible to anyone. 

If you are enrolled in a homeschool program, then you will not be able to receive course credit for AP classes on your transcript. But submitting AP scores is a good way to display your academic interests and strengths. While you will not have “AP” classes on your transcript, you may still submit AP test scores with your college applications.

You can build a study plan from your independent coursework to prepare for AP tests. The time and preparation that is necessary when preparing for an AP exam on your own will be an arduous process but receiving a great score on an AP exam is worth it in the end!

How Can Homeschooled Students Register For AP Exams?

If you want to register for an AP exam as a homeschooled student, you need to work with an AP Coordinator. The best way to find an AP Coordinator is by reaching out to your local high schools. It is a good idea to research which AP exams are offered at the given school to confirm that their AP Coordinator can help you register for the exams you want to take. You may find that the school you are working with does not offer the exam you wish to take. In this case, you may have to travel to another high school. 

In 2022, all AP exams are administered in person at a school. You will not be able to take an AP exam at home. 

If you are a homeschooled student and you want to boost your college applications, begin working with an AP Coordinator early to register for AP exams and begin the process of preparing for test day. 

To do well on AP exams, homeschooled students will work independently to learn all of the topics covered in AP coursework. It is a good idea to use practice exams, AP textbooks, and official online learning tools to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, skills, and information that you will encounter on the official AP exams.

FLEX College Prep offers students professional strategies and personalized support tailored to help them reach their goals. If you are working to prepare for an AP exam as a homeschooled student, you do not need to do it alone. Our experienced instructors offer support for every AP course and every AP exam. If you are looking to improve your performance, or need help building a study plan, FLEX College Prep can help you reach your goals.

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