Other than being great colleges, they share a staggering 11% admission rate. This means nearly one in ten applicants to either of these schools were invited to join their respective Class of 2023. But does that mean an applicant has equal odds of getting into USC as Amherst?

While Amherst’s admissions officers sorted through over 10,000 applications, their USC counterparts had to sift through 66,000. Despite the similar admission rates, USC welcomed over 7,000 students to consider becoming part of the Trojan family. On the other hand, Amherst sent acceptance letters to just over 1,000 applicants.

However, keep in mind that most applicants to USC or Amherst are applying for different reasons. Some may be drawn to the unique programs, strong school pride, and LA weather at USC.

Others will seek Amherst in the hopes of finding themselves in small classes with professors, taking advantage of the five-college consortium, and experiencing the seasons in New England.

Keep in mind that admissions officers are often using multiple factors to evaluate your application. Have you fostered a love of learning? What sort of impact have you made in your community? What sort of roommate would you be?

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