The Latest On AP® Testing From FLEX CEO

On March 16, 2020 the College Board® announced that it is trying to “develop streamlined AP® Exam options,” including the possibility of allowing students to test from home. Students need to act quickly.

During a time of school closures and restricted extracurricular participation, students have more downtime than ever before. Do not waste this time. Students who are able to excel during this time of adversity will have an unprecedented advantage during the 2020-20201 application season.

1) Industry experts predict that the AP exams WILL take place–whether in a postponed or modified format.

2) Many students will not aggressively prepare for the APs outside of a classroom setting.

3) Students who DO use this time in a diligent and focused manner will leverage their hard work during the upcoming application cycle.

4) Students should study toward the exam!

Certainly, in providing these recommendations, we do not want students to experience more anxiety than necessary. Senior admissions status will not be impacted by AP test scores. Also, AP and standardized test scores are evaluated regionally during the college admissions process. If your region has been impacted by the test cancellations and postponements, you will not be at a disadvantage because other students will have been affected in the same way.

However, those students who remain motivated to prepare for this exam and maximize their scores will have a tremendous opportunity to showcase their character and achievement.

FLEX is working on a short-term solution to help students maximize their time and preparation for AP exams. I will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Be safe and be well.

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