One student was a high achiever, with perfect scores and grades. He had summer internships with Stanford University professor. The parents brought in FLEX to counsel his last year of high school, and give him the strategy needed to get into the school of his dreams.

FLEX recommended that he increase his commitment to community service and impact, otherwise he wouldn’t get into his target schools. He resisted the advice. FLEX continued to recommend this over 6-8 months. In the face of the student’s resistance, FLEX included his parents in the discussion, predicting very clear results if the strategy wasn’t followed. They couldn’t make any headway either.

At the end, the student was rejected by 9-10 schools that he applied for. Sadly, as predicted.

Afterwards, the father said to FLEX, “We’re disappointed with the application results, and the decisions we received. We’re not disappointed with FLEX – you were 100% accurate in your predictions.”

Even though the student didn’t get the desired result, the family continues to refer students to us.

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