from Danny Byun, CEO

Message from our CEO

All students have a college dream — whether they dream of big schools or small schools, public or private, colleges or universities.

At FLEX College Prep, we know how important it is for students to have a vision for their future. We are in the business of helping students realize these dreams. Here at FLEX, our team of educational consultants is dedicated to working with families to develop a college prep strategy that produces results.

This is at a time when changes in the college admissions landscape have made the admissions process more competitive — and confusing than ever.

FLEX offers comprehensive admissions strategies personalized to each student’s needs and ambitions.

We provide support through each step of the admissions process. We help students identify and meet general academic requirements: grades, standardized tests, and course selection. We give direction and generate opportunities for students to create a unique extracurricular profile.

We provide a nuanced understanding of specific colleges and their admissions philosophies.

We give thorough, step-by-step instruction in the crafting of the college application, including interview prep and application review.

But most importantly, we at FLEX know the college admissions process is an opportunity to build relationships. Our consultants are not just industry experts in the business of getting students into college. Our consultants understand that each student has a unique background, a unique set of past challenges and future goals. 

We work with families to help each individual student achieve those goals.

Rest assured that at a time when the college admissions process has become riddled with myths and misinformation, you can trust FLEX. We are in the business of making college dreams come true.

Daniel Byun

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