For families with college-bound students, the final years of high school are a very stressful time.

Parents often worry that they are not doing enough and leaving their children at a disadvantage; students often feel overwhelmed by the challenge of maintaining academic and extracurricular workloads in an increasingly competitive environment.

In fact, students can become so consumed with the details of how to get into a certain college that they forget to ask whether they really want to attend that college!

These students are doing things backwards.

I believe that students should be just as selective about choosing which colleges to apply to as colleges are about choosing which students to accept. After all, given the enormous impact this decision can have on a student’s future—not to mention the large financial costs involved—students and their families should be trying to make as wise and informed decisions as possible throughout the entire admissions process.

This guide is meant to help students and their parents choose the right college.

In the first two sections, I list some general considerations that should be factored into any decision about which colleges to apply to and attend. In subsequent posts, I introduce readers to some different kinds of colleges: liberal arts colleges and community colleges.

Although there is a widespread attraction to apply to large private universities and state schools, these aren’t the only options out there. In fact, some of the best educational opportunities available in the U.S. are some of the lesser known.

Chapter 1

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

Pay attention to these 5 factors to consider when choosing a college, and you’ll avoid some costly and unpleasant mistakes!

Chapter 2

Financial Factors To Consider When Choosing A College (3 Tips)

Financial factors are important when choosing a college: many schools turn away students who would have been admitted in a more favorable economy.

Liberal arts colleges offer some of the best educational opportunities to be found anywhere. Yet many prospective students don’t even consider them!

Chapter 4

Choosing a College: Community Colleges

Sue came to America during her senior year of high school, leaving her without a lot of college options. She had to enroll at her local community college.

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