FLEX HeadStart

It’s never too early to meaningfully prepare for the next step in your child’s college prep journey. Through FLEX HeadStart’s thoughtfully designed enrichment programs, students benefit from high-level opportunities to identify their academic interests and apply their learning.


Designed for 6th–10th graders, FLEX HeadStart courses stoke students’ intellectual curiosity, helping them identify and engage with their passions. With long-term guidance, high-level instruction, and mentorship, students apply their learning through publications, competitions, and extracurricular activities.
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HeadStart Subjects

Research & Competition Prep

Students develop research skills, prepare for science and math competitions, and write for contests and publications

English & Writing
Rigorous, high-level courses in the craft of writing and tools for analysis for students who are serious about the humanities
Health Sciences & Pre-Med
Early exposure to medical career-oriented subjects and opportunities for real-world application
Math & Computer Science
Problem-solving, introduction to various coding languages, and preparation for competition math and science
Business & Economics
From the basics of writing a business plan to the study of economics, the social impact of business, and entrepreneurship
Social Sciences

Social Sciences & Pre-Law (Coming Fall 2023)

Advanced courses in analysis and research methodology, with opportunities for real-world social engagement

Opportunities to have fun while developing skills with high practical value, regardless of a student’s chosen academic pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

The FLEX HeadStart program is unique in its focus on both high-level academic enrichment and meaningful opportunities to apply knowledge in exciting and novel experiences. These experiences are often formative for younger students who are figuring out where their passions lie. 

HeadStart classes run throughout the year. Terms are divided by seasons: spring (February to April), summer (June to August), and fall/winter (October to December). Most courses are conducted in twelve 90-minute sessions.

The average teacher–student ratio in HeadStart classes is 1 to 8.

Both in-person and virtual classes are offered, though offerings may vary by term. 

For the most seamless learning experience, we generally recommend that students take HeadStart courses in order, as some courses build on concepts covered in previous courses. However, it is possible for students to take courses out of sequence.

HeadStart instructors are highly experienced graduates of top colleges and universities. They are carefully vetted, trained, and supervised to ensure that every minute of time with a student adds value and has a positive impact on the student’s academic development and character.