As your student faces the beginning of another school year, you want to do everything you can to make it the best one yet.

Does your student need an admissions consultant?

When is the best time to start admissions consulting?

You know that students are under a lot of pressure to get the grades and test scores, to keep up with more activities that you can keep track of, and to still have time to be a teenager – but how? The answer is simple: Admission Consulting.

When is the best time to start Admissions Consulting?

Some students start Admissions Consulting at the end of their Junior year or shortly before Senior year.

These students come with activities established, test scores and grades earned, so most of the preparatory work is done; the Consultant’s job is to help them curate everything into the best profile for each student.

The best time to start admissions consulting may vary depending on the student, but typically the earlier start you can get the better.

What do Admissions Consultants do?

The goal of Admissions Consulting is to help our students get into the best college possible, and every student’s profile brings different possibilities.

Many realize that seeking Admissions Consulting at such a late point in their high school career means there isn’t much time to make changes – what they bring is what we have to work with. The Consultant, in cooperation with the student’s College Essay Instructor, helps to shape and connect all the pieces to make the most cohesive profile for the student.

Admissions Consulting: the sooner the better.

In contrast to those starting Admissions Consulting just before Senior year, those who start during their first year or two of high school have more time to benefit from the perspective and guidance of a Consultant.

Many students who come in just before they start their applications feel as though they haven’t “done enough” to be competitive applicants. An Admissions Consultant can help younger students to understand what their areas of interest are, how they can explore and pursue those areas in meaningful ways, and how to translate those pursuits into essays that illuminate who they are and what they care about during the application process.

Discover Your Passion

I worked with an 11th grade student who discovered he may be interested in actuarial science through an interest inventory I do with all my students. The problem was, he had no idea what actuarial science was!

I was able to find some summer programs related to this math-heavy field for him to apply to, and once he understood that actuarial science involves problem solving and projecting of possibilities through numbers, he applied enthusiastically. Now he had something in his profile that indicated a very clear interest in a very niche field – great material for colleges to understand more about him.

Is It Ever Too Late To Start Working with An Admissions Counselor?

While starting with Admissions Consulting early is even more helpful, it’s never too late to get some help shaping your profile and exploring your passions.

Even students at the end of their Junior year can still plan a high-impact summer to decidedly shift their chances in college admissions. The perspective of a Consultant can help you understand if taking the ACT or SAT again would be a good idea, or whether getting a summer internship would be better for your profile than doing research in your field.

Once the application process starts, which is as soon as you start thinking about college, the clock is ticking – and every day counts!

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Ben Robbins, FLEX Master Consultant

Ben attended Yale where he received his B.A. in Sociology. While at Yale, he also mentored and counseled other students through his campus activities. Not only does Ben have first hand insight into what Yale wants in their students and challenges on campus, he has coached students into several other highly competitive schools including Cornell, NYU, Santa Clara University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and USC, as well as selective Aviation and Art programs. Ben is committed to helping high students pursue their passions as well as finding the best college for their interests and needs.


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