The world of college admissions has been getting unprecedented media coverage in 2019, as federal investigators uncovered illegal schemes to bribe or cheat a student’s way into college.

However, for the vast majority of applicants, this admissions cycle was business as usual. Competition remained fierce, especially among brand-name colleges, as old favorites continued to draw a disproportionate number of applicants.

The trend toward a more humanistic applicant remained consistent. Nonetheless, there was one notable change in the year’s application data, and this change marks a long-awaited piece of good news for future college applicants.

In 2019, every UC campus except UC San Diego and UC Merced saw drops in application volume for the first time in over a decade.

This is significant news because the UCs had continued to witness steep drops in admit rates and rise in application volumes year in and year out, putting greater pressure on the public-school-bound college applicant.

(While this is good news for most, it does not apply to engineering and computer science majors, who have seen little relief in the 2019 admissions cycle.)

A small number of high-profile schools saw drops in application volume and/or higher admit rates as well. Notably…

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